Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm not proud of these...but they will have to do.

So I haven't kept my word on blogging more. I've taken my camera out even less.

Here it is, though, my renewed commitment to shooting more photos. After all, last Christmas I got a second hard drive to save more pictures. So here are some shots I've taken since the last time I blogged.

***Note: some are more technically better than others (nice grammar there - Mrs. Gunset, my high school English teacher would be so mad right now).

This was taken on Angelica's First Communion while she was walking down the aisle. Pictures in church are tough without a flash and a faster lens. It's a little dark in there. It didn't help that it was thunderstorming outside. Mom picked out her veil and headpiece while Angelica picked out her dress.

I wish she was smiling in this photo but I took it on the fly through the passengers' side door and didn't have time to snap another because it was spitting rain on my camera. This was by far, my favorite picture of the day.
This would be a favorite if everyone could smile like the moms in this photo - These are my kids (and my nephew) with my parents and Adam's parents - so who do you think they look like now?

Here's a picture of Melody while we waited for the First Communion kids to begin the ceremony.
It's odd that she has 2 catchlights in her one eye and barely one in the other. Not to mention it's such a soft focus in the picture.

All these pictures are a complete testament to the fact that if I want to be a better photographer, I need to shoot something everyday. And that going for the best shot without editing is still the way to go. For each one of the shots above (except the one of Angel in the car), I had to edit something somewhere and I am not that good at it (yet) and someday when I do get good at it, I still want my photo to be near perfect before I touch it -

And while these photos aren't the best I've ever shot, they are enough to make me promise myself to take my camera out more. And they still bring the memory of Angelica's First Communion with them. It was a pretty good day...rainy but good. We had a nice family get together afterwards and we were lucky enough to get my parents up here from NYC before mom's hip replacement surgery. (She's recovering nicely!!! YAHOO for that!)

Alright, this is a long week at work because of staffing and late nights but I'm still going to take my camera out every day for the rest of this week and the July 4th weekend is coming - totally an occasion to shoot - but so isn't every day...will work on it -