Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Claire's Big Day

In my culture, it's a big deal to be asked to be a Godmother (Ninang, as they call it in Filipino). Yesterday, I became Claire Paige Parniawski's Ninang. Her mom, Agnes (whom I still affectionately refer to as Booger)is Melody's Ninang. Pictures I took:
Quite possibly my favorite shot of the day...those lights in her eyes make me happy.
Boogs was afraid her that Claire's christening gown was "over-the-top". I thought it made her look very angelic.
This is Boogs and Claire. The last time I saw Claire, I thought she looked a lot like her Grampy Mike. I think, as all babies do, Claire has changed and looked different to me.
I think she looked a lot like her Grammie Emma. Although, I think Claire was trying out her scary face and she doesn't look much like her Grammie at all.
Again, those catchlights in her favorite part of pictures....
Brunch before the Christening at a restaurant called Almond. To Mike's left are Missy and Ryan - who got married last May (congratulations!!!) If you didn't read my blog in March when Boogs and Mike got married, Ryan is Mike's brother and was his best man (and my partner) in their wedding. I have some pretty good looking friends, if I don't mind saying so myself!!!
This was Claire, Mike and Boogs right after we woke Claire up from a catnap. She was holding me in contempt for this.
This was before the Christening. Claire's nickname (one of them anyway, because everyone calls her something different) is Beet. Notice how nice her hair is before the hair washing....
This was after the hair washing but before the ceremony was over. This is Melody putting on a Baptismal garment on Claire (who proceeded to take it off, drop it and eat it when it was given back to her).
This is my 2nd favorite photo of the day - she looks so naughty - just how you're supposed to look after the priest washes you clean of original sin...
This is after the ceremony (check out Claire's do). I'm just waiting for Beet to drop that candle on Angelica's head....she didn't, but it would have been funny...

Boogs and Mike, thank you for choosing me to be Claire's Ninang. I am honored (once again, by you guys) to be part of such an important event in your history.

Friday, June 19, 2009

They aren't mine - but they are still cute!!!

Yesterday, my friend, Tracy's kids came for a visit at work. I just happened to have my camera from Melody's graduation:
This is Alan - Back in 2007, he was Baby New Year for the hospital where he was born. He's where I chased him to the writing desk in our lobby and he was coming out from underneath.
This is Kerry Ann (I hope I spelled that right) - can you believe that she is only 5 months old? It's the super milk, mom!!!!

I'll post on FB for you, Trac - hope I get to take more pictures of them soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

just a thought

I am seriously thinking about switching my blog over from blogger to typepad. I know that you have to pay a small monthly fee to typepad, but I think in all my aging blindness, I would appreciate the bigger photos. I'll think about it...leave me a comment if you have an opinion....

Melody Graduates!!!!

Today, Melody "gwadjuwated" nursery school.
I feel like time is just going on - she's already 4 and now a graduate. This was her existing the school yard at the end of the outdoor ceremony. It was great that the rain held off! And yes, that is Angelica's shirt that doesn't fit her and barely fits Melody.
This is Melody and Miss Mary, one of her 3 teachers this year. On her report card, Miss Mary commented on Melody's confidence and self-reliance and cooperative manners. At least she's like that out in the world - makes me feel good!
So proud of this little kid!
This my baby - growing up quick - thanks for taking this picture, Pooka!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This week's lucky shot

This week, my day off was reduce to a 1/2 a day off - I'll take it - I was running some errands after I picked up the kids yesterday and took this lucky shot...

I wasn't looking through the viewfinder, I was driving and hoping that I could catch at least some rays - the sun flare and position of that sun was pure luck. In fact, I wasn't sure that this picture was going to have the sun in it or even as much of the sky as it did - it was just pure luck!

I also want to thank Bev @ the Scrapbook Cupboard for the opportunity to teach a beginner's photography class - I hope our students enjoyed and learned even a little bit about photography. I have my point and shoot class to teach there on June 27th 1-4pm. Check out the Scrapbook Cupboard online for registration details.

Thank you to Traci, Kristin, Rosalie and Betty - I hope I at least taught you something you didn't know about photography class - remember, the only way to take better pictures that you do today is practice, practice, practice!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My niece's birthday

Last Sunday was my niece, Meghan's 8th birthday - We had some great weather here in Southern New England, which afforded me some decent photos...
This here is Miss Meghan - she's a doll! She's about 6 months younger than Dylan -
This is Samantha - Meghan's younger sister. She's 3 days older than Angelica.
Here's my Angel - I turned these 3 girls into tree huggers that afternoon - I'm least happy with Angelica's picture - not sharp enough for me...
Here's Sami blowing bubbles...
And finally, Meghan right before she blew the pretend candles on her ice cream cake out...we lost the candles - sorry, buddy!

Hope you had a great birthday, Meg!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

At the pond...

I was lucky enough to score a day off on a day without rain. Yesterday, the kids had a 1/2 day and after I picked them up, we decided to feed the birds at the pond in D.W. Field Park. I went there last week with Melody on a drizzly day off without any we brought bread and this is what happened:

There had to be at least 100 Canadian Geese just lined up waiting to get fed by park goers like ourselves. We brought a package of hamburger buns and it still wasn't enough.
Dylan's toothless grin - nice shades, D!

Melody was scared of how many geese were around us. I made her and Dylan go to an area where there weren't so many geese - but in no time, there were plenty of geese right there....honking away for some bread.
I thought this picture of the flying duck was neat. Dylan thought how they skid into the water was neat (but I don't have a picture of that)
I have this fascination of shooting people from are my girls just watching the pond. I live for these moments - thankfully Angel had no ideas about throwing her little sister in the pond...that water is gross...