Monday, March 30, 2009

Other shots from Agnes's & Mike's wedding

One of Agnes's and Michael's friends, Sameer Tikoo emailed me these photos - thanks Sameer! Right now, they're honeymooning - somewhere on a warm beach - that's where I'd like to be right about now...hope you guys are having fun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some of my fave pics from my best friend's wedding

So when the girls finally got together in Agnes' room, we had about 10 minutes of down time and this is what we did with them - shoot...

This is Lenox - Andrea - I love the giggle smile -
This is cousin Kaity. I can't believe how much she's grown - she was like 4 or something when Agnes and I graduated. I'm so old!!!This is Esther - she's from Cali - the L.A. area - I like this picture of her.
I like this picture of Esther better - she swears she hates how she looks in pictures but I think she looks amazing! I only took 2 shots of her and neither needed to be edited.

This is Charmaine - the Barbadian princess of the our bridemaid group. I love her hair!

This is Agnes's beautiful friend, Helen - of us all, by far, she was the quietest and sweetest. And she looked like a doll!
This is Murad - Andrea #2. She looks like a pro in this picture!
This is our other photographer Kei - she took my head shot. I'm a Canon girl - I won't hold it against her that she owns a Nikon. Truth be told, Nikon's focus is sharper and faster. But I think I'm gonna forever be a Canon girl - seeing as how all my lenses are Canon.
Yes, this is Murad with a beer in her hand - and no, moms - she wasn't drinking it on her way to church - it was on the way to the photo shoot on the sound with all the goose poo. Good thing she didn't drink too much - she might have stumbled into a pile of that stuff. Geese really need to get their BMs under control - it was Jerome said, it was the "shittiest shoot he ever had".
More pictures soon....

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding, Part II

More pictures from my best friend's wedding...most were a little photoshopped for effect...quite a few weren't...yeah, me! These pictures are obviously in no particular order. And I will be posting more throughout the week - I took like almost 300 shots...I won't post all of them here. Not all of them were good - but here are some that were.

This is Agnes and her step-father, Edward - he and Agnes's mom are ballroom dancers - they were tearing up the dance floor that night!

Hurry up - we gotta go.
Is my flower still there?
Mike is so cute!!! Nice sheepish grin...
Agnes made us wear gold sandals - none of us were comfortable - we were all barefoot by 10pm.
This is a photo of me taken by Kei (thanks, Kei) while we were waiting to go down to meet the limo.

I love this girl - she's so pretty!

Before we got her dressed - the part you don't see is me all excited that we're finally getting to it!
This was Booger's Qi Pao - a traditional Chinese wedding dress with the dragon and phoenix.

The menu - mmm, yummy!!
This is Agnes and her cousin, Kaity. Kaity was just a pre-schooler when Agnes and I graduated from high look at her - sorry - she's got a boyfriend...

Mike and his mom, Peggy - I love her!!! She's too sweet!

These were the outlaws - Ryan is Mike's brother & Best Man - he's the one pacing in front while the boys were waiting for pictures - he'll be getting married in May...congratulations Ryan!!!
Hope you can't see all the goose poo we had to walk in to get to the edge where we took pictures.
I took this in the hummer limo when Sinead O'Connor made a guest appearance by video.

Mike - whatta guy, carrying her flowers around while she carried her dress around!

When we laid out her dress on the bed, it looked like a headless person lying there...sorry if this is a little creepy - but that dress was gorgeous!!!

A special thanks for Jerome and Jennifer from Studio 1923 (the photography artists) - check out their work at They were so gracious to take photos with my camera and teach me a few things throughout the night...if you're reading this, please let me know when you'll be coming to MA - I'd love to drop in for a little to say hi!

You can check out what they did for Agnes and Michael before the wedding at - incredible - someday, when I grow up I want to be just like Jerome and Jennifer!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

I am completely zonked and my stomach has been so-so since this morning - but we're finally home after being in NYC for the weekend wedding of my high school best friend, Agnes. The following is my Matron of Honor Speech and some shots that I would have used, had I thought about using props like Mike's brother, Ryan, the Best Man, did:

Weddings are full of bittersweet moments: The bride and groom finally make it down the aisle, exchange the rings and kiss. Parents watch their children promise to belong to another person.
They realize that their mission to raise two good people is coming to completion. They start to understand that their job is done - and with these two, they have collectively done an excellent job. Parents get the bill for this event & for one set of parents, they're relieved that this is their last to get married while for the other set of parents, they can't believe that this day is here and that shortly, they'll be doing it all over again. Parents, thankfully, you only have 2 children each.

My husband & I have 3 kids - a boy and 2 girls (Adam, we're so in for it!!!) and we can hardly remember what married life was like without them. Mike & Agnes, you'll have that problem too - with Claire already here.
People cry at weddings because at this moment, you truly do not know what your future will bring. And while that may apply to pretty much everything in life, with Claire in the picture, 2 very important things have been firmly established:

#1that you are both wonderful parents and

#2 that you make cute babies
(Lucky for you, Mike - it could have been a deal-breaker)

Michael, from the moment we met 2 summers ago, I knew you were "The One". We spent only a few hours in downtown New York City but it took me 15 seconds to notice the hearts flying out of your head every time Agnes looked at you. Yesterday, when I was late for rehersal, I said I would understand if Agnes dethroned me from my position as Matron of Honor. Today, I officially pass the crown & title of Agnes's bestest friend in the whole wide world to you. No one in the world better for the the job than you Mike - but you'll still never be her Matron of Honor - no one better in the world for that job than me.

Boogs, do you know that we'll have been friends for 20 years, next year? For those of you who don't know, Agnes and I went to high school together. We sat next to each other in every class we ever took, every day for 4 years. I was the only one at school who could still learn, despite the squeak of her feverishly writing with a Bic mechanical pencil - and lucky for me, she was always the one who would catch me falling asleep in class and wake me up before the teacher noticed.

Agnes, Michael is such a find - even if he is from CT. (My apologies to all of you who live in the great state of CT; originally, I'm from NYC and now I live in MA - but we can discuss that later). He reminds me a lot of my Adam - caring, patient, willing...

from the looks of it all, I don't think you'll need to worry about the future - Mike is the kind that stays and will work hard to keep you and Claire happy.

My advice about married life - Don't go to bed mad. Always ask for everything. Use good manners. Take lots of pictures. Keep family your first priority. And make time for yourselves.
While you may already have a library full of memories, you have a lifetime to make many more - use it wisely - a lifetime isn't enough for your love.

Supposedly, my speech was a hit (it was a surprise to them anyway - good enough for me). Agnes made such en elegant bride!

Agnes & Mike - thank you for having me be such an important part of your day - Adam & I love weddings - it makes us remember how lucky we are by just being part of something we did a long time ago - we love you guys (and Claire Bear too!!!)

I'll put more pictures of the day on my blog later this week - getting permission and some editing to be done...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures I took this past weekend

I can't believe that Dylan's hockey season is almost over - well, really, I can - it's been a long one - end of August until mid-April...I got to sit on the bench (well, stand on the bench) and take a lot of great shots of the kids.

Dylan asked Coach Darren in the middle of the game if he could play defense...he hasn't played defense all season - he was a goalie half the time and a left wing/center the rest of the time. He had no idea what to do - that lasted 2 shifts....heehee.
This was Adam - our other goalie - he's got an awesome left kick save! And thanks to his mom, he's got a cameo on my blog!

I will post more pictures when I get more oks from team parents...gotta go to work - I know that time on this will say Tuesday night sometime, but it's actually Wednesday morning...'til later...