Sunday, March 1, 2009


I spent most of this weekend, recovering from the flu and studying like crazy for my first Anatomy & Physiology lecture exam. It's on Wednesday - I have learned over the years that I am not a crammer...and so I study as I go along and then at the last minute, freak out needlessly because I usually do a pretty decent job studying.

I'll let you know how it goes on Wednesday after I take the test...Adam is working day shifts this will be nice to have him home at night for a little while. Maybe I'll get to take pictures of him interacting with the kids...

Back to work tomorrow - despite a snow storm that may be due to bring 10-13 inches of snow - we finally got rid of all the snow we've had for a majority of the winter only to have it all come back overnight tonight. I think the kids will not be going to school tomorrow. Lucky them...that will also mean that it may be very quiet at work tomorrow - which is lucky for me since the beginning of the month always brings many things to do in the office.

Hope you like my little MP3 player...these are my favorite songs for the next minute or two.


Anonymous said...

What MP3 player, I don't hear anything. Oh well. Glad to hear your flu is almost gone. I'm sure you will do well on your exam. I agree about the snow. It either needs to keep snowing or let up already. I'm tired of the it's snowing and cold, then the next minute it's sunny and melting, then again it snows. Mother Nature needs to pick a weather and stick with it. Talk to you soon.

Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

had to take my mp3 player off - it was too distracting to some of my visitors (mainly people who were trying to sneak peeks at work, trying to do it on the DL).