Monday, March 23, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding, Part II

More pictures from my best friend's wedding...most were a little photoshopped for effect...quite a few weren't...yeah, me! These pictures are obviously in no particular order. And I will be posting more throughout the week - I took like almost 300 shots...I won't post all of them here. Not all of them were good - but here are some that were.

This is Agnes and her step-father, Edward - he and Agnes's mom are ballroom dancers - they were tearing up the dance floor that night!

Hurry up - we gotta go.
Is my flower still there?
Mike is so cute!!! Nice sheepish grin...
Agnes made us wear gold sandals - none of us were comfortable - we were all barefoot by 10pm.
This is a photo of me taken by Kei (thanks, Kei) while we were waiting to go down to meet the limo.

I love this girl - she's so pretty!

Before we got her dressed - the part you don't see is me all excited that we're finally getting to it!
This was Booger's Qi Pao - a traditional Chinese wedding dress with the dragon and phoenix.

The menu - mmm, yummy!!
This is Agnes and her cousin, Kaity. Kaity was just a pre-schooler when Agnes and I graduated from high look at her - sorry - she's got a boyfriend...

Mike and his mom, Peggy - I love her!!! She's too sweet!

These were the outlaws - Ryan is Mike's brother & Best Man - he's the one pacing in front while the boys were waiting for pictures - he'll be getting married in May...congratulations Ryan!!!
Hope you can't see all the goose poo we had to walk in to get to the edge where we took pictures.
I took this in the hummer limo when Sinead O'Connor made a guest appearance by video.

Mike - whatta guy, carrying her flowers around while she carried her dress around!

When we laid out her dress on the bed, it looked like a headless person lying there...sorry if this is a little creepy - but that dress was gorgeous!!!

A special thanks for Jerome and Jennifer from Studio 1923 (the photography artists) - check out their work at They were so gracious to take photos with my camera and teach me a few things throughout the night...if you're reading this, please let me know when you'll be coming to MA - I'd love to drop in for a little to say hi!

You can check out what they did for Agnes and Michael before the wedding at - incredible - someday, when I grow up I want to be just like Jerome and Jennifer!!!

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