Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some of my fave pics from my best friend's wedding

So when the girls finally got together in Agnes' room, we had about 10 minutes of down time and this is what we did with them - shoot...

This is Lenox - Andrea - I love the giggle smile -
This is cousin Kaity. I can't believe how much she's grown - she was like 4 or something when Agnes and I graduated. I'm so old!!!This is Esther - she's from Cali - the L.A. area - I like this picture of her.
I like this picture of Esther better - she swears she hates how she looks in pictures but I think she looks amazing! I only took 2 shots of her and neither needed to be edited.

This is Charmaine - the Barbadian princess of the our bridemaid group. I love her hair!

This is Agnes's beautiful friend, Helen - of us all, by far, she was the quietest and sweetest. And she looked like a doll!
This is Murad - Andrea #2. She looks like a pro in this picture!
This is our other photographer Kei - she took my head shot. I'm a Canon girl - I won't hold it against her that she owns a Nikon. Truth be told, Nikon's focus is sharper and faster. But I think I'm gonna forever be a Canon girl - seeing as how all my lenses are Canon.
Yes, this is Murad with a beer in her hand - and no, moms - she wasn't drinking it on her way to church - it was on the way to the photo shoot on the sound with all the goose poo. Good thing she didn't drink too much - she might have stumbled into a pile of that stuff. Geese really need to get their BMs under control - it was Jerome said, it was the "shittiest shoot he ever had".
More pictures soon....

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