Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures I took this past weekend

I can't believe that Dylan's hockey season is almost over - well, really, I can - it's been a long one - end of August until mid-April...I got to sit on the bench (well, stand on the bench) and take a lot of great shots of the kids.

Dylan asked Coach Darren in the middle of the game if he could play defense...he hasn't played defense all season - he was a goalie half the time and a left wing/center the rest of the time. He had no idea what to do - that lasted 2 shifts....heehee.
This was Adam - our other goalie - he's got an awesome left kick save! And thanks to his mom, he's got a cameo on my blog!

I will post more pictures when I get more oks from team parents...gotta go to work - I know that time on this will say Tuesday night sometime, but it's actually Wednesday morning...'til later...

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