Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm a pathetic blogger

I have become a pathetic blogger - not posting anything for 8 days is just plain wrong. I should go to blogger jail...let's see what have I done in the last week....

Our 9th wedding anniversary was last Thursday 2/19...we went to see Dirty Dancing on stage. Pictures were not permitted but I snuck this one in...the dancing was excellent and the guy who played Billy also sang 2 numbers in the show and he was unbelievable!!!

Baby was ok but I don't think anyone could be Johnny Castle except for Patrick Swayze - the dude who played him was a great dancer...he was the 3rd understudy of the regular guy who plays Johnny...we'll just leave it at that.

Last week was February break for the kids but Angelica was sick with the flu; she gave it to Melody and now I have it too. Thankfully, I got it the worst. For the beginning half of the week, I could barely speak (I'm sure a few people were thankful for that too) and then yesterday, I finally went to the doctor who told me to stay home for the rest of the week because I had the flu. (If I can stand up tomorrow, I'll be back at work...which may not be wise, but I'll take my chances.)

I was going through old pictures in my library and found these:

These were taken last August - at the National Night Out Against Crime - that took place at Campanelli Stadium here in Brockton - The Army National Guard brings out a rock wall that they use in training. This is Dylan climbing the wall...with his Mickey Mouse Crocs on.

This picture was taken right before Dylan got yelled at for jumping into our friends' pool (that they are not supposed to jump into).

Both those pictures make me want it to be summer today - I'll take warm and sunny...and for warm, I'll take 55 degrees right now. Spring is coming...just not right now...but it will be here soon.

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