Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I've been up to

Lately, I've been scrapping for myself - I did all these layouts between Friday and Saturday night. I'm a very slow scrapper...especially when the tv is on and I'm trying to catch up on everything in my DVR.

A while back when I first took a one day photography workshop with Karen Russell, I bought two of her scrapbooking kits...and of course, I'm only breaking them out now. I believe these kits are no longer available (you used to be able to get them on her website but she's all sold out). This kit is called 10 Reasons. It's just an absolutely wonderful introspective idea for a scrapbook.
I apologize right now for not having a 13" scanner/printer (I'd end up a hybrid scrapper, I think, if I had one - I'll put it on my "when I win the lottery" list) - I took these pictures of my layouts on the floor of the kids playroom.

Reason No. 5 - Because Every Moment I have is Blessed (this is Melody).
Reason No. 8 - Because I hope that one day, she'll say that I did it all (this is Angelica).
Reason No. 6 - Because someday he'll be a better man than most (this is Dylan).

Reason No. 3 - Because this family defines me (one of my favoritest pictures of the three of them).

All the materials came from a kit. All the materials (except for the cardstock backing) are from the Narratives line by Karen Russell for Creative Imaginations. I love their stuff!!! You can order directly from the CI website or support your local scrapbook store and get it there. All the photos in my layouts were 8x12 - not your typical size for pictures. I ordered them on scrapbookpictures.com - reasonable prices for larger prints and at $2.00 an order for shipping (no matter how big the order) - you really can't beat it!!! I never like putting up my scrapbooking work - I'm overly critical of myself.

Other pictures I took over the holiday weekend...
Little Miss Melody - I can't even remember what she was looking at...but this look on her face is what defines her best - curious and observant (or nosey and spyish...)
I like any picture with the three of them together looking at me - even if their smiles are in the awkward stage...
I love this picture of Adam cuddling with the girls watching tv - while he's not thrilled about me taking candid pictures of him, he'll get over it...and too bad if he doesn't.
Love this picture of Angel - my living room has a very big picture window that faces North - so there is a fair amount of light that comes through that window.
Finally, we had lunch yesterday at the Rainforest Cafe and scored seats right next to a fish tank. I actioned this photo with an action called Sharp Shot Color Pop Pro from ezactions.com. I'm not altogether sure how to use that but it made this picture pop! Took this picture with no flash using my Canon 50mm f/1.8...had to crank up my ISO to 800 - making it a little noisy (not so apparent here but would be if I blew this picture up).

Anyway, no school this week but it is the week to catch up on my histology project (don't ask) - it's for A&P I. No news on the city layoffs as of yet...I'd rather not talk about that. It's our anniversary in 2 days and I don't yet have a card or a gift...better get crackin'...
that's all for now...

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krsandahl said...

I love that you are looking up at Adam and the girls in the black and white pic! very creative - the layouts are great!