Wednesday, February 11, 2009

just so crazy!!!

I've been so busy between work, school, making valentines for the kids and keeping my head on straight that I haven't had time to take a lot of pictures lately. But I did take these:
This is Mittens - we've had her for 10 years. She'll be 11 this year at the end of July - she's trying to look dignified in this photo.
This is Melody in her very favorite shirt - we're a green family - check out her shirt...

Here's Dylan just lounging...after he got a haircut which he desperately needed - he started to look like a used Q-tip because his hair was getting so long.

Finally, here's Cisco, mid-meow...We got him shortly after Mittens. He's going to be 10 this year on Valentine's Day.

Off to school I go - I was lucky enough to sell my 3 day weekend for a 1/2 day off so that I can attend class without interfering with work. (Thanks, Pam!!!!)
Gotta find more time to take photos.

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Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

goodness - those kids need a tan - I'm allowed to say that -I'm their mother.