Thursday, February 5, 2009

My day off

Today I had the day off. It's nice to be home but it's never really a day off.

I went to school today to test my dichotomous key - don't ask - google it if you least it works. I took a couple of pictures on campus:
Lens flare: happens when light bounces on your digital sensor. Sometimes it's wanted (for effect) and sometimes it's unwanted (like when you take a picture and it seems hazy) - either way it's very difficult to control. In the picture direcly below, I love my lens flare.

I even like it here but it's not as nice as the picture above.

In the picture below, the sun is nearly directly overhead - there is not a cloud in the sky but that light source has nearly washed out the sky to an overcast day. Check out the little flare at the bottom of the picture.
I took a couple of photos of my friend Tracy who just had a baby girl yesterday - we visited at the hospital this afternoon. I won't post the photos until she gives me the ok - but they were nice. A while back, I posted pictures of my friend Michele when she had her baby, Ryan last August - we visited at night and her lighting was difficult. Tracy's mid afternoon lighting was perfect and little baby and mom were just gorgeous. Hopefully, I can get her ok to post soon.

Other photos I've been taking -
This was Melody at my nephew, Connor's birthday party at Bugaboo Creek Steak House.

This is Melody and Adam dancing in the kitchen when I got up for a drink while I was home sick the other day. I wish that focus was sharper - but an semi-ok picture is better than no picture of this...
One morning while I was getting dressed, the girls decided to sneak in on my side of the bed. Angelica is front and Melody is behind her right next to Adam.
This is Mr. Potato Head that lives in front of the blue morpho butterfly in my boss's office. He's here to remind us that spring training is just a couple of weeks away....can't wait - it's like 9 degrees or something like that outside!!! My feet are freezing!

Speaking of the Red Sox, this is Dylan holding a magnetix in front of his Red Sox shirt - took this one day after school.

Pretty random pictures but it's all for practice - I can use lots of it - I'll take pictures of pretty much all teaches me something. Off to scrap - or read some A&P - I'll decide when I get upstairs.

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