Thursday, June 4, 2009

At the pond...

I was lucky enough to score a day off on a day without rain. Yesterday, the kids had a 1/2 day and after I picked them up, we decided to feed the birds at the pond in D.W. Field Park. I went there last week with Melody on a drizzly day off without any we brought bread and this is what happened:

There had to be at least 100 Canadian Geese just lined up waiting to get fed by park goers like ourselves. We brought a package of hamburger buns and it still wasn't enough.
Dylan's toothless grin - nice shades, D!

Melody was scared of how many geese were around us. I made her and Dylan go to an area where there weren't so many geese - but in no time, there were plenty of geese right there....honking away for some bread.
I thought this picture of the flying duck was neat. Dylan thought how they skid into the water was neat (but I don't have a picture of that)
I have this fascination of shooting people from are my girls just watching the pond. I live for these moments - thankfully Angel had no ideas about throwing her little sister in the pond...that water is gross...

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