Saturday, June 13, 2009

This week's lucky shot

This week, my day off was reduce to a 1/2 a day off - I'll take it - I was running some errands after I picked up the kids yesterday and took this lucky shot...

I wasn't looking through the viewfinder, I was driving and hoping that I could catch at least some rays - the sun flare and position of that sun was pure luck. In fact, I wasn't sure that this picture was going to have the sun in it or even as much of the sky as it did - it was just pure luck!

I also want to thank Bev @ the Scrapbook Cupboard for the opportunity to teach a beginner's photography class - I hope our students enjoyed and learned even a little bit about photography. I have my point and shoot class to teach there on June 27th 1-4pm. Check out the Scrapbook Cupboard online for registration details.

Thank you to Traci, Kristin, Rosalie and Betty - I hope I at least taught you something you didn't know about photography class - remember, the only way to take better pictures that you do today is practice, practice, practice!!!

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