Sunday, December 21, 2008

More on Dylan

So Dylan's birthday is December 23rd - 2 days before Christmas - we came home Christmas Eve from the hospital - I signed him out AMA...(Against Medical Advice) so that we'd be home in time for Christmas.
This is Dylan at his first Boston Red Sox game - courtesy of Mom's company box seats. This was taken in the summer of 2006...he's 5 1/2 years old here.

All of Adam's dreams came true when we got the hot tub that sits on a patio in our backyard. We got it in May 2006. This picture of Dylan was taken on July 4th of that same year...we learned quickly that you do not pile in 8 kids into a hot tub built for 4 adults. It turned the water green. But in our defense, we also figured out that you should untie the second half of the filter before putting it into the canister. OOPS...nothing a little shock couldn't take care of. And yes, we did lower the temperature to a balmy 80 degrees before letting them all in - and we made them all go to the bathroom before getting into the hot (warm) tub.

This is the first day of 1st grade - with Mrs. Wheland - who is now teaching Angelica.
Like all great parents, soon after 1st grade started, we took the kids out of school and brought them to Disneyworld with their grandparents. This was taken on Angelica's birthday soon after we arrived at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort @ Walt Disney World. Don't worry, we got permission from the teachers...

Later that day, it was pouring, but it didn't stop us from going to the park - here's Dylan waiting for the bus to take us to the Magic Kingdom.

FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Almost a whole year later, Dylan started the 2nd grade. And no, I didn't go a whole year without taking pictures of the mom would kill me.
This was taken in last year's first snow - December 27, 2007 - shortly after Dylan turned 7.
This is Dylan's first time sledding - my cousin took us to this huge hill near their place up north...Dylan had to be going like 20 miles an hour because snow conditions were so icy!!!

Dylan lost his first tooth this year - and just like when he was a baby, whenever he had a tooth coming in, he'd get that darn spot of eczema on his face.

These were taken earlier this year, when Dylan was in the Learn to Play hockey program...
Dylan learned a lot of things this year - how to ride a 2 wheeler was one of those things.

D, I hope you had a great've grown so much!!!! You're a good boy and a good person. I wish you good health, good grades, good times and good clean fun everyday this coming year!!!

I love you, Dylan! Happy Birthday baby!


Just-Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan!!! I hope you have a great 8th birthday!!

Just-Kim said...

I've nominated you for the Marie Antionette Real Person Award!! Keep it real, babe!

See my blog for the details!!