Monday, May 3, 2010

Outside my best friend's house

We went home to NYC this past weekend to surprise my family - it was my nephew, Andy's First Communion. Angelica will have hers this Saturday -

On the way home, we visited my best friend, Agnes (her husband, Mike and little baby Claire - my Goddaughter. I have posted about her before - here.) My city girl, Booger bought a house in the 'burbs of CT (I knew she'd fold and move to New England near where Mike grew up - I can't fault her, I did the same thing by moving to MA where Adam is from).

Took a few pictures of the outside of her house -

A trellis in the backyard.

This is somewhere in the middle of their backyard.

The pond at the very end of their backyard.

On the walk back to the house from the pond, we found this - a smurfy 'shroom.

Out front to the right of the round driveway.

The Black Pearl in the round driveway - I was standing on the front porch.

Boog's house has an inlaw addition - this is the front porch on her side of the house.

This is the inlaw side - for now, they have a friend living there.

This is my favorite part of the front porch. I love those rocking chairs.

I only took a couple of pictures inside the house. Melody insisted on this picture being taken - she's sitting on Claire's blow up horsie. This was taken in Claire's playroom.

This is Melody and Claire writing on the deck in the backyard. She's almost 2 years old. Claire was a riot playing with my kids. On the way to their house, Melody said, "I can't wait to see Claire. We might not be able to play together - she can't focus on playing." Well, Melody - I think that almost 2 year old kept up pretty good.

More photos later this week - have a couple of projects that need to be completed by the end of the week.


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