Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Better Daisies.....

While I was scanning my digital library for pictures for my first Scrapbook Cupboard design team assignment (I'll post it if I get permission and when it's finally done), I found two better pictures of Daisy that I took the other day....

I love how Daisy is looking right at me - I edited this photo just a little - emphasized the light that was coming from Daisy's's early afternoon light but by removing the color cast (will have to explain later), it made that light look warmer than it did as a reflection of the snow. You can kinda get the gist of what I mean by warm light when you look at this next photo -

Same location about 2 seconds before the last picture was taken...I adjusted the color cast on this photo to make that snow white (it's not a darker picture) just a different color cast.

If I get a moment tonight, I'll explain further...1st night of school tonight - my Anatomy and Physiology I hybrid class...yikes!!!

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