Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today, I had a conversation with a trusty friend who I spend a lot of time with. While we're together, we often talk about things unrelated to what we're doing and today we did that. She said to me, "You know how you ask me, if we weren't doing this, what would we be doing? Well, one of my dreams is to own a bar."

Today, I read Kimmie's blog - and how Julie said to her that if you don't write down what your goals are, they remain dreams...I'd heard that same thing last year in a training class I took at work. It's the truth - putting things in writing, gives you a kind of commitment...to making things happen...

While my friend is a very grounded, realistic person, I'm writing down this down for her - in the form of my blog entry - she will someday own a successful bar...I'm gonna say sometime before she is 40...so it will be part of her 7 year plan. And while this isn't her commitment, it's more like my wish for her.

Coincidentally, I've been working on my own list of goals - short and long term...I'll put them here, when I'm done. While I'm thinking about my own goals, it's evaluation time at work - so we're thinking about goals there too...for myself and my team.

Speaking of ambition, over the weekend, Angelica did this:

That's Melody in the background of Angelica's grape sculpture - I don't know anyone who can make grapes stand on end without squishing them except my Angel...
I love when she's laughing in a picture. I took this picture with my Canon 50mm f1.8. It's not the sharpest picture in the bunch but I'm working on that - my online photography class with Karen Russell begins on Jan. 19...can't wait!!!

Gotta go and work on my next CTMH (Close to My Heart) demo project. I have a demo on Saturday after work...I'm working a little late tomorrow and am off from work on Thursday - laundry and scrap room organizing, registration at school, and a possible hair cut...good times!!!!
There's a blog post to be had that day...maybe.

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