Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pictures I Love, Vol. 2

I think I should resolve to make this a monthly blog entry. It will be my latest Circle Journal at the Scrapbook Cupboard.

Took this picture of the girls with my dad on our stairs when they came to visit right after Christmas....I love this picture of them together...

This is my mom with all her grandkids - I love how the boys are just melted into the background and the girls are up front with my mom.
Back in the beginning of December was our first snowstorm - the kids were so excited that even though you could still see the tops of grass blades in the backyard, they still bundled up to play in it - it was barely even cold enough - I took these pictures in my sweatshirt!!! Dylan's face matched his jacket.
She's so pretty - I can hardly stand it!!!

Here's Melody jumping onto our pendulum swing in the backyard...snowy hands...

I posted a picture similar to this a couple of entries ago - this was taken with the 3D glasses that turn lights into shapes...these are mom and dad's lights on the bushes in front of their house.

I love how I always seem to have Melody on the left, Dylan in the middle and Angel on the right in most pictures that I have with the 3 of just seems right - in fact, one day when the kids were real little, I discovered this about their names:


maybe that's why they take pictures like that....
I love this photo, not because you can closely study the anatomy of Melody's snout but because this is classic for both my girls - Melody is a ham and Angel will look right into your eyes and make you love her!!!!

I think I posted this picture of Dylan before - I love it because he is just too handsome!!!

I love this picture of Melody - taken at JayR's and Jenny's wedding - she's rarely still enough for me to take a decent picture but here, she looks grown up enough to keep still for a second...

I may have put this one up too - Buster is my first dog...he rocks and will obey for treats...although here, Melody is feeding Buster a dandelion and he's good with it too.

Finally, this is Angel swinging on the pendulum swing in the backyard (long before that snow shot of Melody swinging). I caught some light in her eyes...I live for that light.

This year will bring more shots - hopefully good and better ones...

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