Thursday, August 7, 2008

Emotionally Perfect Photos

Ok, in a nutshell - there are technically perfect photos - you know, great shots that make you go "Wow!!! I'm the best photographer ever because I got the lighting, the timing and the whole thing just right". Then there are Emotionally Perfect photos - these are the shots that no matter what they look like, make you go "Wow!!! I'm so happy that I got that shot because it evokes an emotion in me that is summarized by this one moment on film." Well, it probably makes you go more like "AWWWWWWW!!!!" and you may get teary-eyed and quite possibly have the warm fuzzies.

Give you an example....this picture was taken in October 2001 at the Coronado Springs Resort in Disneyworld, Orlando, FL. Dylan was almost 10 months old when this photo was taken...hard to see but on Adam's right leg there is a tattoo that he designed and had done right after 9/11. (more on that some other time, like maybe in Sept...) Dylan barely knew how to walk but he made it over to his daddy while Adam was shaving. You can see me taking the picture where the flash reflects in the mirror. I love this picture SOOC, even though it isn't the most nicely composed picture. Whenever I come across this picture, I think about how Dylan was so curious and how Adam and he are buddies and how Dylan has looked up to his dad (literally and figuratively) all his life...and then I did this -

Black and white made it even better for me - I can color this photo green and it would make me happy - like Kermit the Frog happy but still happy.

Dylan was the only baby we know who had a backwards receding hairline when his hair grew in. He was born with hair, some of it fell out - well, most of it fell out and it took nearly 2 years to grow back 9 months, it was growing in nicely...and for a wasn't pretty...I'll post those some other time....

Another example of an emotionally perfect shot:
I am actually happy about the exposure in this picture...compositionally, it's a little short on interest - but I guess this isn't too bad. This picture was taken in Maine the first time we were all together with Melody (her second trip up - the year before Adam was in the Police Academy and couldn't make it up with us). In this picture, I don't they look even remotely related, do you?

Black and white photos, I think evoke more emotion than color. Color makes me happy and black and white creates the warm fuzzies for me.

I'm sure you know where this was taken - we're Disney freaks - this is on the tea cups which Adam usually skips out on for fear that he'd toss his cookies from the spinning. The background blur is cool where the kids are mostly focused....good thing I don't get sick on the the spinning rides or this picture might not have gotten taken - yeah, right...I would have taken this picture while I was tossing my cookies, if it came to that. (***that date on the picture is Angelica's 4th birthday)

So most of my pictures posted will be emotionally perfect as those are the ones that I think are the best. And we'll continue to work on making those technically perfect. I will try to post tomorrow but I've got another 11 hour day ahead of me...yawn...

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* marie said...

i absolutely LOVE your pics! that pic with adam and melody ... hahahaA!! it's so great! ... i agree with you on the B&W pics -- definitely more emotion - aka warm fuzzies... let's say it all together now... AAAWWWWWWWWW!!!