Thursday, August 7, 2008

There IS one in the middle...

*note - I would have become a daily blogger except real life gets in the way - I'm pretty involved in quite a few things: I'm the Veep at the Arnone PTA (for the school where Dylan and Angelica go), I'm on the Brockton Youth Hockey Board of Directors as their fundraiser coordinator, - did I happen to mention that I have a super full-time job as an Assistant Branch Manager - this week I'm working 50+ hours...SO if I was going to be a daily blogger, I might have picked a different week to give myself that title - oh well....

It occurred to me that I don't have any pictures of my middle child, Angelica. Like most middle children, she can get lost in the shuffle of kids. I myself am the oldest of 2...while I love my brother, I think it may have been even more fun if our parents had had more children - again, oh well-

This is my little Angel: cute isn't she - she's very proud of her first lost tooth. Sidenote: when that tooth fell out, she brought it to me and Dylan asked "Mom, what do you think the Tooth Fairy will give to her for that tooth? A quarter?" - That tooth was so little, I wasn't sure it was worth a dime. The Tooth Fairy was very generous and gave her a silver dollar. We took this picture while we were bored in the car (waiting for Adam). I asked her to sit a little forward so that my 50mm could blur the background. I love how there are catchlights in her eyes (no flash - just the reflection of the light coming from the windshield).
We're working on her smile too -but occasionally, Angel gets it...
not quite here but I love her little face -this was taken in April 2008 when we went to Disneyworld - she was all excited that she got her hair wrapped - good thing she was because she will have to skip a year in college because it cost a million dollars to have that thing done.
We were waiting for the bus at Epcot to pick us up to go back to the hotel. Nothing spectacular about this photo - just that Angel's a cute kid. In fact, the railing behind her causes a merger - when something in a photo looks like it is going through your subject on one end and coming out that you know that, you'll be looking at them in every picture you take...the solution to mergers - move - either your subject or yourself. It was the end of the long day 2 of our vacation - neither one of us was moving.

This photo was taken during the same car trip as the first picture I posted in this entry. While it is terribly composed, this by far is the best way to capture Angel's smile....while she is laughing. There is the very faintest hint of the cutest dimple ever created in her cheek in this photo - I wish I remembered what we were laughing about - someone must have farted or something......or someone said the word fart...well I know it wasn't me - at least not that time.
P.S. Dear Angelica, I promise not to leave you out - just look at me and make sure you're smiling or you'll end up with only funny pictures of you on my blog. Love you!!!

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