Monday, August 4, 2008

I think I may become a daily blogger.

That sounds criminal - doesn't it? Blogging somewhere daily...hmm....I'll think about it -

I mean, conversationally, I like to think I've got plenty to talk about (my husband would agree - I'm the talker in this union) - but how much real communication can happen in this forum?
I had this conversation with my friend Kim today...I think we both agreed that blogging is for fun - but that my purpose for blogging is not to avoid real-life communication with my friends but rather to document my life (for all the world - and my kids when they get older - to see). Like my other friend, Tobi said on her blog - this could be a great place to vent. I suppose it can be. Still, I don't think that I could use this forum to, let's say, have an argument with someone or spill my family secrets or upset someone by what I say here...ham sandwich, if I want to upset someone, I'll just tell them to their face - my high school girlfriends from Dominican Academy would tell you that I was a relatively outspoken person - I'd like to think that I am more mature now than 14 years ago, sometimes.

Speaking of maturity, thinking about life choices and heavy thoughts like those happen to me when I go on vacation. (My job requires that I take 2 consecutive weeks off sometime during the calendar year...I love that rule!!!) I spent these past 2 weeks in a pensive mood...I've been thinking about going back to I will this fall...return to school and take a biology class (yes, everyone - I'm doing it again - this time I'll finish...) at Massasoit Community College and keep my FULL-TIME job as an Assistant Branch Manager and keep my FULL-TIME job as a mom (like there's a choice for either one of those options).

We go every year to this little town in the woods of Maine called Sweden (near the Sebago Lake Region). Adam's Grammie and Grampy have gone there nearly every year since 1963 - staying on Stearns Pond for a of the cottages there is an original. There are 3 cottages on the beachfront - none of which would pass a housing inspection by today's standards. But Maine is something that all the kids in our family love - definitely the highlight of my kids' year. Something magical happens during that week in Maine - the kids seem to grow more in that one week than they do all year. There is a lot of freedom to be had there - swim when you want, go fishing, kayaking, cottage hopping, walk along the path to the bridge or the dock...not just for the kids but for all of the adults too. The boys golf a couple of dawns and the girls take a break from the kids with the Ladies' Lunch in town.
This year was the first year that Melody went fishing. She went with her dad to this rickety wooden bridge that goes over a short rocky waterfall from the pond into a stream...on her very fist cast (with Adam's help) she caught this:

Funny how the the biggest catch of the week went to the littlest fisherman...yeah, the boys didn't think this was that funny.
Now for the commentary on the photo - things I hate about this shot - there is a huge fishing line going right through Melody's face (the fish didn't like the huge fishing line attached to it's face). I should have walked about 90 degrees to Melody's right and took the shot from my defense, Adam was rushing me as the fish was losing it's life (not to worry, he made it back to the pond - albeit with a hook hole in the roof of his mouth - but he swam away just fine) - and the fishing line was swinging - so maybe I should just be happy that both Melody and the fishy are in focus. The best thing about this picture - is that it tells a story; adds to my documentation of this moment - Melody's first Maine fish.

Each of these 2 pictures adds more to the story of Melody's crowning achievement in her short 3 years -

Finally - this shot has the fishy completely in focus and Melody slightly out of focus (OOF) - it may be hard to see here but I know it is - still, for me - these are all EMOTIONALLY PERFECT shots. More on that later - gotta get going to work -


Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

the date at the top of this email says 8/4 but it's being posted at 7:30am on 8/5....I'll get the hang of this yet!

Kristin said...

HAM SANDWICH!!!! I love it! You are doing a great job! Love the pics!

Just-Kim said...

Great shots! Isn't blogging fun! You're doing a great job!