Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Huge Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks for the following peeps who made it to my place for a Tastefully Simple party:

Barbara - your presentation was great! I think everyone enjoyed it - me included.
Linda - nice to see you, have a great school year!!!
Aunt Nancy, Aunt Sandie & Grammie Maureen - hope you had fun, thanks for being here!
Mom - hope you capitalized on your chance for Sweet Pepper Jalapeno Jam, thanks for the table and canopy!
Laura - wish Scott could have been here - you should have one of these parties up at your place!!!
Jess & Jen - thanks for coming (better late than not at all)
Kim - don't forget to invite me to yours - thanks for coming!

Adam, Chris, Eric & Dad - you could have joined us but I'm sure you didn't want to appear too interested...thanks for letting us be girls on the other side of the backyard. Adam, the backyard looked the best it's ever been (thanks to you and dad).

Melody was the dirtiest I have ever seen her. She was pretty gross - she left marks on Chris's shirt after a hug.
Yuck! Melody thinks nothing of digging up the dirt under the swings of our playground. Some days, my dogs are cleaner than she is....and until they were groomed the other day, they were pretty disgusting.

I was lucky enough to get to go last night to the Scrapbook Cupboard for the Circle Journal crop.
Small group - just Susan, Kim, Kerriann and Traci - too many laughs and giggles to mention here. Can't wait to get together again!

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