Sunday, October 5, 2008

The girls' turn

This morning, Dylan had his first home game against Westwood - they finally won a game 2-1. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there because Melody has been sick for the last few days...turns out that she has a double ear infection...those are always warm and fuzzy...that won her 10 days on Amoxicillan twice a day. One dose of that stuff and her temperature today was not a degree above normal all day...she's back to her fresh little self...thank goodness.

Today is the first day that I thought it was cold - in our house. Still, I refuse to turn on the heat...instead we went out and got a new thermostat in an effort to make ourselves more energy efficient....that's gonna be an Adam and dad task tomorrow...

We also went to BJ's - which is a great place to shop when you need stuff - but terrible if you aren't trying to spend $170.00 on what seemed to be just cereal and cat food...ok, we bought the thermostat there and cat litter, a case of Juicy Juice for the kids and 4 packages of tulip bulbs that Adam thought we should plant now for the spring.

Anyway, we originally went out to get the girls some gear for the Learn to Skate lessons that they are taking....

Got a few shots of them -
This is Melody's very first time on ice skates...she looked like she was doing ok - but there was also a lot of this:

Falling - that's what learning to skate is all about. Of course, if her mother was more well prepared, the poor thing wouldn't have jeans on to soak up all the melted ice on her butt. Oh well, there's always next week.

Finally, my favorite picture:
You can look at the picture and figure out that a few things could be happening:
1. Melody is hanging onto Angel and Angel is letting her.
2. Melody is about to take Angel down in an effort to keep herself up.
3. Angel is pushing Melody away so that she can keep that crate to herself.
4. They're learning to skate together.

I prefer to think that #4 is the most applicable to that picture. An emotionally perfect picture? Maybe a little - ok, how 'bout an emotionally near-perfect mind wonders what was happening in this shot instead of my heart melting....and then I come up with the above possibilities.

8 weeks and then we get to decide if they will go on for another 8 weeks. The girls are already talking about playing hockey too...we'll see - no one could pick a less expensive extra-curricular activity? I'm not the one playing, just the one who has to worry about getting people everywhere in time for everything with enough money to do it all.....sigh - as long as they love it, I can keep up...looking forward to more spills on the ice...

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Just-Kim said...

Adorable pictures.

But 4 packages of tulips bulbs? What was he thinking?? I've got one package here and it's been ready to go in the ground for a month and hasn't yet! Eek.!

Have a great week!!