Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Whatta Night!!!

So last night, after work, I attended our semi-annual recognition night. HarborOne does a pretty good job at keeping these things very interesting. We had a special guest speaker last night -


And I got the seat right next to the stage where he spoke at the podium!!! How exciting!!!
Of course, I left my camera in the car and so did not get pictures of him speaking. But while Matt was signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone, I ran back to my car and got it - took a few shots -

Pretty cool...not to worry, someone took my picture with him...not with my camera. (not my best shots - I'm working on shooting on the fly!)

Matt's message to us talked about his path to success and what he felt makes him and his team successful. What did I take out of it? That loving what you do and having a good time go a long way to yielding success. Be relaxed and confident and work hard to be successful. Who knew that banking and Professional Football had so much in common? Matt's philosophy can be applied to pretty much - life in general...

Thanks to HarborOne for having a wonderful guest bring such a pertinent message!!!!

Thanks Matt Light for taking the time to come speak with us. That was NEAT!!!

Gotta bounce - kids need to get dressed for school.

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