Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What can I call it?

I need to come up with a word not yet invented in the English language that defines how many things a person does in a day. I am sure there are already words out there - for example, busy, assiduous, engaged, occupied, having a full plate, having fish to fry, overloaded...

I have tomorrow off because I am working this weekend so I decided that I would make a list of things that I need to get done between today and tomorrow...

1. drop Melody off at school
2. drop Dylan and Angelica off at school
3. go grocery shopping while I'm kid free
4. pick up Melody from school
5. do laundry
6. fold laundry
7. put away laundry
8. biology class homework (although I might be able to get this done on my lunch hour today)
9. sort and mail out my inchies (again, may be accomplished today)
10. finish my summer swap pages (ok I'm a loser - it's already fall - good thing there isn't a swap for that!)
11. pick up things for Halloween costumes (so far, the only idea I have is making Melody a bunch of grapes)
12. pick up Dylan and Angelica from school
13. help Dylan with his cereal box book report (which we will be working on tonight as well)
14. dinner?
15. go to school for a 5:30pm biology class.
16. CTMH order (somewhere in the day, this needs to go out).

I'm good as long as I focus on the list and not get distracted by things like TV or emergency room visits (which thankfully, we are not prone to).
Taken the other night when we went candlepin bowling - Melody was wicked serious about winning - she came in last of all 10 of us but she was determined to get that ball down the lane - even though some of her throws took more than a minute to get all the way down the lane (some were going so slowly that they even rolled back to us....now that's entertainment!)

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Just-Kim said...

I hope you get everything done today!!
I love it when I can cross stuff off my list. It gives a sense of accomplishment, so be sure to remember to cross them off as they are done!
Have a fabulous day!