Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sigh - I missed it....

Due to an urgent work-related situation, I missed the girls' skating class...I ended up calling mom and dad to be in attendance while I went to resolve my work situation (which I am not at liberty to talk about here). I also missed taking any pictures of the girls on the ice today...and Angel's first skate across the ice without the milk crates (at least Grammie and Grampy were there to see it). Apparently, Melody didn't graduate the milk crates, so there is still hope for me to catch her first time without them next weekend.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too busy in my own life to be present in my family's lives...I was home for all of Dylan's firsts (because I was a stay at home mom at the time). But I went back to work when I moved back to MA (which was, without a doubt, the right thing for our family). I've done everything I could to really enjoy the kids' important moments - like taking my lunch hour to drive home and watch Dylan's school play last June - he didn't have a lead part...he was part of the Barnyard Brood in the 2nd grade production of Ugly Duckling: the Musical.

Thankfully, the kids are pretty healthy - so I don't usually have to call in sick, when they are...Adam has many more sick days and actually a lot of flexibility for a police he's home when someone needs to be home (or his dad - the best trooper there is - will still watch the kids when they are sick. I think he draws the line at kids puking in his car though...can't say I blame him - sick kid yack is gross!!!!)

I missed Dylan's hockey game yesterday (I was working, where else would I be?) - he lost 1-0 but it was his first game as left wing. He's switching off with another player in the goalie position.
At least he has another game tomorrow morning - 8am in Hingham, MA - about 30 minutes from home.

Work is a huge priority for me. I have a sense of obligation and desire to make sure that I am the best at what I do. It's how I'm built. I don't know any different. I'm sure part of it stems from the fact that I grew up watching my parents work so hard. My father is a mechanic. My mother was a Medical Technologist. And they both worked night and day - my father still works 2 jobs (one part time, one full time). I know that they might have done it at one point to make ends meet - but my dad doesn't need to now for the money - I think he's incapable of slowing down. And neither one of my parents is a "settler" - like they never aim for acceptable or mediocre or just ok...everything they do needs to be nothing less than flawless. I'm almost positive that this is where I get it from.

This drive brings me to the moments like this afternoon where I needed to be somewhere and while work is never a place I don't want to be, it wasn't where I wanted to be this afternoon. I wasn't gone an hour, but it was the one moment in the day where I wanted to be with my girls.
But I worked, fixed my problem and got back just in time to hear mom tell me how great it was to watch Angel skate across the ice without falling. I'm sure I'll get to see that many more times that just today...just wanted to see it and shoot it and paint in my memory at the very moment it happened.

But I chose to work - and what did it get me? The very satisfaction that I fixed my problem...and I missed Angel's first real skate...and that I need to remember to cherish every moment I've got...there are so many and so few...

I promise - pictures - I'll shoot a ton tomorrow...I'll even shoot the dog that's whimpering behind me (and maybe not with my camera - SHUT UP ODIE!!!!)

P.S. And I can't seem to settle on a layout for this blog - ugh - more on that tomorrow.

P.P.S. And I need the playoff games to start earlier than 8:30pm...I'm so wrecked every morning after they play...Last night the Red Sox lost 9-8 in the 11th against the Tampa Bay Rays...ugh...
They play their next game tomorrow night...series is tied 1-1...Susan is hoping they lose so that she can go on the Scrapbook Cupboard bus tour (which she convinced me was a good time so I'm going too)...if the Red Sox win, though - AND the Phillies win their series, she'll be back and forth to every World Series game for work...however, I will still be on the bus tour. =) So I'm torn at who I'm routing for...

P.P.P.S - Susan also wanted me to clarify a statement I made about her on the post with the pictures from our trip to The Melting Pot. I said that she was single and likes cats...both parts of that statement were true but she did not want readers of this blog to think that she was into weird stuff - cats are her favorite house pets...she has one (hi Jeannette, in case you're reading this). So if you're a good man, mid-to-late 30s, with a good heart, stable job and no cat a comment here...if you know one and you're reading this, have them visit my blog and post a comment here. (Susan, is that ok? I'll let you know if any one answers).


Just-Kim said...

Oh, man. That stinks. Enjoy your kids tomorrow. May they be perfect angels all day!

I look forward to some more pictures!


TXChali said...

You are too cute girlie! Thanks for the shout out. I will cheer for the Red Sox but know I really want to go on the bus tour. Thanks for letting me watch the game with ya'll last night and for dinner too.