Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coming down to the wire

School is almost finished for the semester - A&P I with Dr. Hanna has proven to be a challenge - mostly in time management - this class is a lot of work!!!! I can't wait until it's over....2 1/2 more weeks...1 lecture exam, 1 lab exam, 1 histology notebook project and 1 final...

This week was a whirlwind: I worked the first half of the week and then had a double lab with a sheep brain and a cow eye dissection (good times!); right after school, Adam and I took off for a quick visit to NYC so that we could be with my mom while she had her angiogram. Thank God that turned out to be the best possible outcome!!! We drove back home to MA the next night and got home at midnight. I had to work an 11 hour day the next morning.

On Saturday, me and a few of my work crew participated in a charity bowl to support the Old Colony Y's Big Sister Big Brother program. I came in second place in terms of score (77)...I'm not a bowler.

And I studied last night and much of today - despite the fact that I really wanted to be out in the New England 90 degree weather. I found out today that my van needs some freon for the A/C...Adam will fix that sometime this week before it gets hot again.

While we were in NYC, after mom's procedure was done and the news of her relatively healthy heart came over, my parents surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift...a Canon 50D.

Holy Smokes!!!! They also got Dylan a brand new Nintendo DSi for getting good grades.

Because I've been so nuts since we got home on Thursday night from NYC, I didn't even break it out of the box until yesterday. I promise to review the camera on here as soon as I learn what all my controls are. I did though, get to shoot a few while I took a break from studying:
I had planned on taking the kids to the beach to test the new camera but after picking up CTMH catalogs in RI, I deemed the beach too far to drive to with a subpar air conditioner in the caravan when it was 92 degrees out. I took this photo of Angelica across the table at Friendly's - they were ok with ice cream - it wasn't the beach but it was the best that I could do...considering that driving down the highway with the windows wide open is not fun for me.I love this shot of her trying to smile with her eyes wide open!
I guess it wasn't so bad after the ice cream. Not the best picture I ever took of them but I still love it when they are all looking and smiling at me.
Here's Dylan taking a swig of a blue drink. His dad got him that haircut....I prefer the bowl cut but they both liked this haircut better.
This is Melody sitting in Grammie's quad the other night. I love that she loves to have her picture taken. The cut near her right eye is from the other day when her dad turned around to help Dylan with something while she was on the skateboard...he left her sitting and she stood up and then took a spill...nice going dad!

Finally, this is Melody doing her "Angel" face. This is her interpretation of what Angel does when she's mad. No kidding - it's true - I'll have to find a picture of it...

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