Friday, April 17, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Our Parent-Teacher conferences were yesterday. Let me share our experiences:

Some people think that I have it altogether - managing a full-time job, part-time school, full-time mom, part-time everything else in the universe I do. I certainly have a lot of support - from my manager at work, my professor at school, my husband and in-laws, my parents and friends.
But it's not always perfect.

My poor husband was working in the yard the other day and got poison oak on his face. He woke me up at 5am yesterday to tell me that he was taking a ride to the local emergency room as his right eye was swollen shut (he could have just gone to the doctor's like I told him to the morning before but he was too busy getting work done on his tattoo - while his face was slowly swelling to look like Rocky post-fight). Don't expect a picture here because he'll freak out if I take one and then freak out even more if I post it...
Anyhow, he got home in time to bring the kids to school and comes to find out that Melody didn't have school because of parent-teacher he got the 2 minute one from her teacher -that's ok - she's in nursery school.

According to Melody's teacher, "She's doing great here. She's very well-liked, probably the most popular kid in the class. She loves to talk and sometimes gets in trouble for talking too much during circle time."
I like this picture of Melody - backlit (from the side), focused well - she's a little washed out from the sun (you'd only know this if you saw her, otherwise I don't really mind how lit up her face is). BUT no catchlights in her eyes is a little bothersome (although now that I look at this picture closer, there are catchlights but not enough for me). As soon as my Photoshop CS4 comes in the mail, maybe I will learn how put in them in - despite that purchase, I still would rather take a photo properly without a whole bunch of post production stuff.
Better catchlights here - Melody's in open shade facing light. Catchlights are also more prominent in lighter colored eyes than in darker colored eyes.

According to Angel's teacher (who was Dylan's teacher in 1st grade too). "Angelica is a doll! She is an excellent writer and is doing everything expected of a 1st grader. She sometimes gets tired after recess, but I think it's because she's real little and petite and plays hard to keep up with her friends. She is well-liked and always keeps herself busy when she gets the work done. She's a solid reader and knows her stuff. The only thing Angel needs to work on is the pouting after not getting something to go her way - like when she isn't first or doesn't like something."
HA - no surprise there...
I've posted this picture before (I think). For the most part, Angel is a happy person.
As for being little, I'm not too worried (actually, I think she's growing and has had some growing pains of late) - she's good at keeping up and giving people a run for their money.
I love this picture - I shot a bunch of these a couple of weeks ago - Angel's in love with that shirt - my mom sent it to her. Centered shots are not as interesting as off-centered shots (to me anyway, and I suppose it depends on what you're shooting) - but I like this photo of Angelica because she's swinging in mid-air (hard to tell but if you saw the other photos in conjunction with this one, you would be able to tell that I shot her while she was swinging - some of the other pictures made it to an earlier post).

Dylan's the only one who gets letter grades (Melody doesn't get a report card and Angel gets check marks in Always, Sometimes, Needs Improvement). He got 10 A's and 3 B's; The only change he had was in reading from an A- to a B - reading comprehension can trick him (is what his teacher says). Dylan's teacher also said that "he's a good kid, gets along well with everyone, and needs to elaborate more when he writes. Everything he writes is very short and to the point with no explanations or elaborations."
Adam says he has police mentality: Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.
Dylan is a sweater - this was taking at the end of the year hockey banquet - and no, he wasn't playing hockey, he was running around with his friends. The small catchlights in his eyes were from the fluorescent lighting in the hall...I had to adjust this picture post production for skin tone (I didn't adjust my white balance for fluor lighting and the original picture had Dylan looking yellow).

We also got test scores for Dylan from a test he took in February. The City administers a test to all 3rd graders to see if they are candidates for the TAG program - Talented and Gifted. As a 3rd grader, Dylan is performing on a 5th grader's level in both math and reading. According to his teacher, he was only one of two boys in their class who will be invited to further screen for the TAG program that he would begin in the fall. Very EXCITING!!! He averaged a 91 in reading and a 92 in math (more impressive was that he scored a 96% in math concepts and estimation)
Love this picture - even with the goofy smile - he's since lost one of those top teeth - the one that is hanging further down than the others. I love the blurry background which makes my eye focus on Dylan. And there are those catchlights again.

Both Adam and I are thrilled with all their grades. We couldn't ask for better reports...

Today is Melody's birthday - we'll post more on that this weekend too!

Gotta go - one last day before the long holiday weekend! yippy!!! and then the kids are on vacation - lucky them...

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