Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In addition to that....

My friend Kim blogged about a friend who left us suddenly a few days ago. She writes,

You never know who we touch with our lives.
You never know who will touch you.

In addition to that, time has a limit. You don't know how much time you have to affect people. And as little as the things you do can be, you don't know how much meaning those little things have to the people you touch.

I work at HarborOne. It is my job everyday to help people. I don't look at it as retail or banking or financial, in nature. At its very core, what I do is help people. It could be helping them open up accounts or solving problems or answering questions...its still helping them. I do something that touches people everyday.

A smile, an answer, a shoulder to lean on, a photograph....

The little things you do are really not as little as you think. They may be little to you because it doesn't take much effort or you think nothing about doing something for someone. But it touches them.

Our friend, Paul didn't just touch people in little ways; he and his wife, our friend, Dana, were very active in their church with young people (who can, these days, use all the guidance they can get). Even through the rough times of illness and recovery, Dana and Paul turned to their faith undoubtingly because they knew it would help them and allow them to continue to help others. Their creativity is what touched (and still does) us. And their example will continue to touch me.

We could all take a lesson from the way that Paul lived and Dana lives their lives. Keep touching others....

Paul, may you find rest and peace and watch over us all. Please continue to touch our lives as an angel.

Dana, may you find peace and solace in your friends and know that he is right here with us always.

We love you both!!!

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