Sunday, April 5, 2009

The weekend's over? Already? sigh!

OMG! Where did this weekend go? This was my first weekend off from work that we didn't have to leave the state in a while - I've been studying all weekend long...with breaks for a friend's birthday party, dinner at Mom and Dad's with sister and her kids...I had a CTMH demo at Mimi's house tonight...thanks girls - that was fun!!!

I also managed to fire off about 500 photos between yesterday and today...I'll post a few here...
It only took me 7 shots to get this one...I liked their smiles better when they came with actual teeth.
This is Angelica, who has lost 5 teeth so far - it was almost 6 today when Dylan was swinging his sisters on the hammock out in the backyard that then turned over with Angel falling face first into the dirt - top left hand tooth is now a little least the tooth fairy won't have to worry about unemployment at this house.
I'm in love with that dimple! It was easier to see in the picture before this one.
Angel was also brave enough to put earrings back in her ears. She's had them pierced since she was 2 months old and only took off her earrings a few months back. Here she is showing them off after putting her hair up in a hat. There's that dimple!!!

Here is Angel pointing out that the tooth fairy is still in business at our house.

The pictures above and the following pictures were all taken with my Canon 50mm f/1.8 in midday, nearly high-noon, directly overhead sun. Angelica's pictures were all taken on the front porch in the shadow of the house, while most of the next 5 pictures of Melody were taken in our front yard, in the middle of our half circle driveway.
Ah, a mouth full of teeth - except Melody is dying to have a loose tooth so that the tooth fairy will pay her, she said.
These pictures were taken in succession - I stepped back a half a step when I took this one - no zoom on my feet are my zoom. I highly recommend learning on a prime lens...we'll get into that some other time - when I'm not in a rush to finish a blog entry...
I used to wish they would always look at me - now I'm glad that they don't sometimes.
It's still great when they do, though.
Finally, I'm sitting on the grass and Melody just got up...she's too cute for color tv!!!

Ok - really, I'm not going to blog and will probably not shoot anything for the next 2 days...for real...I have some books to hit! I just had to put these cuties up.

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