Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Melody's birthday

Melody turned 4 years old last Friday - I can't believe that the biggest surprise of my life is already 4 years old. I'm feel aged...not like a fine wine but someone who is getting older. Although, Melody (and I are both) getting better too...
This was Melody and her big brother and big sister - she was just a few hours old.
This is Melody when she first came home - she was a bit jaundice like her brother and sister so we had to put her in the sun.
Melody grew up fast like the other kids.
Just Melody and me - hanging out in the family room - right before maternity leave was over.
Melody has always loved bath time...Nice toes, Adam.
Taken during Melody's first visit to Disneyworld. She recently asked me if we could move to Disneyworld. I told her that I didn't have a job there. She told me that I could take pictures at Disneyworld for a job. I wish...
Melody's first Easter - visiting her grandparents at a campground. They don't have their RV anymore. Melody wishes they would have it back so they could go camping this summer. Moment of silence for the RV...
This is Melody poopin' out after her first birthday party...she just finished eating a brownie and hadn't taken a nap...well, she took a nap here.
Adam and Melody's first trip to Maine together. We went up the year before without him (he was in the Police Academy).
This is Melody finding her daddy's baseball cap and then wearing it backwards so that she can see. She's so naughty looking...
Here's Melody eating one of her favorite things in the world - a bowl of cereal. This kid could have one for every meal of the day. In the bowl: Kellogg's Corn Pops.
Here's Melody's second visit to Disneyworld - she's a little pooped out from travelling - it was our first day there (on her big sister's 4th birthday).
One morning, Melody woke up and told me to take her picture.
And once in the car too -
Thankfully, Melody is one of my more willing subjects...although I did not take this picture of her.
One of her favorite things in the whole world to do: swimming.
Melody's second favorite thing? Playing in dirt.
While I don't think she looks that much like me, my mom says that there is a picture of me just like this one - I think she means the pout...if I ever find that photo, I'll post it with this one.
Bubbles - Mel, you're out of bubbles...

I'm on the top of our playgound in the backyard shooting this photo of Melody going up the wrong way on the slide (that used to drive my dad nuts when we did that at the park).

Thank you for that flower, Melody.
I hope she always looks up to me (although, I think by the time she gets to high school she'll be taller than me).
I hope she stays silly.
And sweet.
And fun.

And I hope she always lets me take her picture.

Melody used to be the most shy of all my babies - and now that she's a little older, she's much more outgoing. And this kid forever has no problem with a dirty face or a runny nose (yuck!). She is by far, the youngest of 3 kids and that is obvious. And no matter how old she gets, she will always be my Melody. Happy birthday, baby!

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