Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Life - back to reality

Vacation is officially over in approximately 5 hours...I shot about 1400 shots this week at the fantastic Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. A great time was had by all I think...I spent much of this afternoon just checking out the pictures I uploaded to my computer. I did get a few great shots...
Taken at the pool - I had the toughest time with shooting at the pool. Light from the water reflects and the sunlight is bright and everyone comes out underexposed...I must have shot 100 shots at the pool and this was the very last one. Thanks, Adam!
Melody's so funny - we were waiting in line to see something (I can't remember now what it was) but here she is telling me to take her picture.
I just want to thank my loving husband for taking this picture of us waiting for the bus...I edited this one in CS4 with an action called CoffeeShop Perfect Portrait and then applied CoffeeShop vignette to it. That is probably the best picture of me and the kids in 8 years...I love this photo!
This is a picture of Angelica walking with her Grammie at Disney's Hollywood Studios. We had to take the monorail the day before and she wasn't able to ride in the cockpit with the other kids so Grammie bought her a special prize and this was right after she gave it to Angelica (the bag in her hand). I vignetted this picture too.
This is Grammie and Melody waiting for the bus.
While this picture looks like sunset, I actually took this picture at 6:30am. Our room was on the 5th floor facing the East - beyond the twig there is a shadow of a mountain - that's Everest - Disney's latest Roller Coaster experience (I think it's like 3 years old)...did not go on that - I do roller coasters but not the ones that give me 3 hour headaches afterwards.
I set my camera on spot metering instead of the usual evaluative metering I keep my camera on.

OK, so none of these pictures look like Disneyworld, I assure you they were taken there this week. I'll post more Disney pictures as they get filtered through CS4...editing for me these days is very slow going as I am still learning about the power of CS4.

I'm off to watch the American Idol season finale...I'm rooting for Kris - and no, I don't vote...I just like to watch the singing...he happens to be cute too. =)

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