Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Bit of a Breather

Next test isn't until Monday - it's the final...and then I am SO on vacation!!!!

Unfortunately, all the studying I've had to do has taken up all my time to do the fun stuff - like play with my camera. The good news is that the semester is over on Monday....I'm hoping for a B as an A is a little bit beyond my reach at this point...keep your fingers crossed for me...

I did though manage to decompress by fiddling with Photoshop CS4:
This is a shot of Melody falling onto Angelica. What I figured out was that if you don't rename your original photo and save it as something else, you will save over the original. In PSE6.0, you can save original and the newly edited version of the picture. (I'm sure when I have more time, I will learn CS4 well enough to be comfortable).
An unedited shot from that same set:

I can't remember what action I applied to the original shot but I love the color after the edit.

This is a picture I took the last time we went to Disney of Cinderella's Castle. I applied an action called CoffeeShop Teeny Tiny World (download from here)
It's hard to see but if you look at this picture and compare it to the following photo, you can see that the second photo looks like a "model-sized" Cinderella's Castle.
Pretty cool...I'll have to find something to shoot that will make that action more useful.

All that being said, while photoshopping is neat, I, for one, want to make sure that I take that photo properly SOOC without having to edit so much - I would rather use my time taking pictures that post-producing them...maybe someday if I ever make it to the big time, photoshopping will become a bigger part of my life...for now, I'm perfectly happy just taking the pictures.


けい said...

what are you taking classes for?

Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

I'm taking A&P in the hopes of finishing the biology degree I did not finish years ago.

Just-Kim said...

How amazing the difference in the color of the grass between the first picture and the second. That's just beautiful! I so wish I knew how to use my photo editing software!

SDC Texas said...

I told you Photoshop isn't so bad. Yes taking the photo correct up front is paramount but a tiny tweek in Photoshop does make a difference.