Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally here....

...are the long awaited pictures from my best friend's wedding last March - taken by Jerome & Jennifer Braga of studio1923. If you would like to see their Agnes and Michael's wedding pictures - click here.

Be back later with pictures I took today...gotta get some laundry done and pick up the kids from school and because I'm such a great mom, I'll be taking them to the mall to pick out new sneakers - because in all my practicality, I let them get new shoes only when the ones they have are either too small or too beat up to be worn respectfully in public...Adam said that I should take them to get new shoes because Melody's right big toe is saying hi to bugs in the grass through the cute little hole in her sneaker...(overexaggeration - another week and there might be a hole but there isn't one today - I could even wait another week to go to the mall...)

I'm a great mom!

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