Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Little Buddy Ryan

I had to pick up a tent for the Scrapbook Cupboard yard sale I'm doing tomorrow and I borrowed it from my friend, Michele. While I was there, I took a few photos of Ryan...who' been on my blog before. At nine months (holy crap - has it really been that long since he came around?), he's still one of the cutest babies I know!

This face comes right from the first sequence of Michele's's the "um, should I or shouldn't I do it?" look
I think Ryan was thinking "why is that huge black box up in this lady's face?"
I like the change from horizonal to vertical - he is so cute - have I said that yet?
Michele said we should try putting Ryan in the grass but he really wasn't down with that.

Generally, I like the SOOC kind of picture but I thought this CoffeeShop action called CoffeeShop Denim was pretty that here.
I love this picture of Michele and Ryan (I would have taken pictures of Ryan's dad, Mike, but he hates me more than Adam hates me when I take his picture).
That's the best smile ever created -thankfully I got one happy picture of him in the 15 minutes I was over...he is just too cute!!!

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