Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Selfless Plug

It's up there - on the calendar at the Scrapbook Cupboard...

I'll be teaching two photography classes - one designed for DSLR owners and the other for Point-n-Shooters...

The DSLR class is on Saturday, June 13, 2009 3:30-7:30pm
The Point-n-Shoot class is on Saturday, June 27, 2009 1:00-3:30pm

Both classes, weather permitting, will give us some time to do an outdoor shoot, offsite - this part of the class comes at the end and is totally optional. We'll have a little bit of one-on-one time to talk about the shots while looking at them in your camera and if you want to, you can email me them for more technical analysis.

I highly recommend the following:
READ YOUR CAMERA MANUAL BEFORE CLASS. I am not familiar with every digital camera out this is where you help yourself...It may not have as much meaning to you as it will after and yes, it is somewhat dry reading but you should have a base knowledge of what your camera can do so that learning the other stuff becomes more relevant (and fun!)
BRING A PEN. Lots of notes to take in this class. You'll get lots of notes and you will have to take more - these chock full of a lot of good information.
BRING YOUR CAMERA so that you can participate in the shoot and look at it while you are learning.

NOTE: I am not a professional photographer. I just love this stuff and finally wrapped my head around the technical stuff enough to pass on the knowledge to others. I did take a few classes with the fabulous Karen Russell but I am NOT teaching her class...she worked very hard on designing one of the best classes I've ever taken in my life...and I've worked hard on designing one for beginner photographers/scrapbookers. I certainly invite you to take her classes if you can get in (believe me...getting into that online class was near the top of my lucky list!!!!).
Thanks Karen for being one of the greatest teachers, I've ever had!

Sign up today - call the Scrapbook Cupboard - 508-378-0008.
Thanks Bev, for the opportunity to share my love of photography with your customers!

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