Friday, May 29, 2009

What I did today on my day off...

To me, it is well worth working for 5 hours on Saturday when you can have an entire day off during the today, I did a bunch of things...

Took 2 of my 3 kids to school - Melody has a 4 day school week (I swear that is how it should be at work too!).
Went to Staples to make copies for a photography class that I am teaching in a couple of weeks.
Went to the Ash Street Playground to take pictures of Melody but then it started to rain. (I still got a couple of shots - wanna see?
An old friend and I caught up on Facebook this week and decided that we were going to experiment with our photography in an effort to make us better photographers. Our first challenge is to mess around with exposure compensation and focus. The above photo of Melody was one of the few I managed to fire off before it really started to rain on us at the park (which is right behind our house...literally if you hopped my 6 foot fence in the backyard and then scaled the 20 foot chain link fence you'd be in the park. Melody and I drove the 100 feet around the corner to the playground). Anyway, I shot this at +1 EC but when I pulled it up on CS4, I couldn't help but lower that after the fact - Melody looked a little blown out...with the adjustments I made, I believe that I ended up at +.66 EC instead...

I'd tell you what CoffeeShop action I applied to this if only I could remember...I like the bit of faded color this action made....the little vignetting does it for me too...

Went to The Art Experience to find a certain kind of pen I like to write with.
Went to Costco's to sign up for membership - apparently their photo processing is fantastic and relatively inexpensive for 1 hour.
Melody asked to have lunch at Ikea, so we did.

On the way home, we drove through D.W. Field Park. There's a big pond out there and some woodsy parts. It was pretty dreary and drizzly today...but Melody and I stopped in the park during a light drizzle to take pictures on the pond.
You know I was just praying that she didn't slip into the pond just's very shallow right there but who knows what's in the pond water. A couple of years ago, when the fair was in town, there were 2 gator sightings at the pond (seems that someone who works with this travelling fair decided to let their pet gators free instead of living the travelling fair life...I believe they only ever found one). I'm sure that there was no gator nearby or we wouldn't have been able to see this:

This was papa swan. I think it's weird that his head can turn almost completely behind him.
This was papa swan with one baby swan.This is papa swan with baby swans #1,2 & 3. I took this shot at -1 EC. Still, papa swan and baby #1 were white enough to stand out more than babies #2 & 3.
Same picture adjusted to approximately +.33 EC.

Is it just me or does anyone else out there think that Canons shoot dark? Even at 0 EC, I tend to think that Canons shoot dark - any opinions on that, please post a comment.
This was the entire Swan family - you can't see all the babies - they're on papa swan's right side. Mama Swan is the smaller one that is further away from us in the photo. This pond is separated by a road that we often drive on - and we always try to look for "my" swans. Yes, they're mine - I own them. We've got a few years without seeing the swans out together - but for the most part, they are usually there. And no, I don't know if these are my swans and no I don't really own the swans...but I'd like to think they'd want to come and live in my hot tub or something. I'm not even a bird person - I just think they're pretty...even though these ones need their necks scrubbed...(their necks aren't as white as the rest of them.)
Not only were there swans, there were pigeons, seagulls, mallard ducks and an enormous flock of Canadian Geese. Mel and I watched a goose fight and were surrounded by a bunch of honking geese...not to mention the random piles of fresh goosie poo. YUCK!
Finally, Melody found this feather on the ground - ill!!! I made her put it case a goose was missing that and left it there for later.

Will shoot more this weekend!


Paula said...

Love your pictures. You should join our Whaling City Camera Club. We meet the first and third Wednesday of the month at Anderson Way in Dartmouth at 7 pm. We are located in the community room located right in back of Smith Mills Congregational. We would love to have you! We have over fifty members who have a passion for photography! If you're available come join us this Wednesday. You can also check out our web site at

Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

Paula, thank you so much for your kind words - if I were ever available to come around Dartmouth, I would - life is so busy!!! but thankyou - I checked out your club's website and am just amazed!!! I've got so much learning to do when it comes to photography!!!