Thursday, September 11, 2008

Catchin' Up...

Last night's class was chemistry 101 packed into 3 hours and 15 minutes of lecture and 45 minutes of lab. I LOVE THIS SCIENCE!!!! I find biology fascinating!!! I can never get enough of it...

Monday night we had Susan's CTMH party. Good times, great bunch o' gals - great hors d'ouvres. Thanks for having us over, Susan!!!!

Let's see what else is exciting - well, I took today and tomorrow off from work - we're going home to NYC. Saturday, my friends JayR and Jenny are getting married. Angelica is a flower girl in the wedding. Originally, they wanted Melody to be the flower girl but Adam brought up a good point when they asked us months ago about it - Melody will likely not do it. Too many people looking at her. As she gets a little older, she's become better about being the spotlight but she still needs to be prompted - and since my friend JayR didn't pick me to be the flower girl, I told him that he should probably take Angel instead - because I know that she'll be nervous but she will do it. And it works out because he is her Godfather.

Tune in tomorrow for more blog-a-riffic material....I'm sure our trip to NYC will yield some excitement.

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