Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So good...

Let me blog about something unrelated to photography and kids for a minute...Prison Break ROCKED last night!!!! Not just because Michael Scofield is the hottest thing on tv, I love getting lost in a good show. Who thought that after they broke out of Fox River in the beginning would the writers have enough to continue the show over 4 seasons?

You know what else I love? I love the feeling you get on the inside when you don't know what is going to happen and in anticipation you start to get a sick feeling on the inside. I love that!!! I also love thinking of a possible result and then finding out that the outcome is different because you never thought it would come out like that. Fox is good for that. (***You know what else is good for that? Law & Order - but I've watched that long enough that I've been able to figure out who the real criminal is and the verdicts a few times).

Other shows I'm looking forward to:

- that Dr. House is such a jerk - I love it!!! There's no one cute on this show but it's still good TV. I can't diagnose anyone on this show...I'm not a diagnostician.

ER - final season - and yippy!!! Dr. Carter is back!!!

Grey's Anatomy - I got turned onto this show by someone at work (I can't remember who now...could've been Sarah). Everyone is good looking on this show...

(***Do you see a pattern developing? I love medical shows - they make for good drama.)

Law & Order: SVU - Again, no one good looking on this show - but still a good watch -

Knight Rider - Mike Tracer is SO cute!!! He's played by actor Justin Bruening- I'm glad they brought this back - they only made the pilot that I dvr'ed and watched twice before deleting it. I guess the guy used to be on All My Children - who cares - he's the original Michael Knight's son.

As you can tell, most of my waking moments are wasted in front of primetime television...I am usually scrapping in front of the tv or cuddling with Adam when he's home in front of the tv. I know it's probably rotting out my brain but it's all just so good!!!

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