Monday, September 1, 2008


Today, we tried to finish school shopping for the kids. We'll still have to get them backpacks because we went up to the Burlington Mall only to find that there was not a Disney store there. I still have tomorrow - Dylan and Angelica don't start school until Wednesday.

One thing we did find at the Burlington Mall is Chick-Fil-A. I think this may be the only chicken place that can even be compared to KFC. I'm not a big chicken fan - but I'm instantly a huge Chick-Fil-A fan. And today, they did their free chicken strips giveaway if you were donning a football logo of some kind. While Adam wore a Mickey and Donald shirt that dad embroidered with my sewing machine, he does have the Notre Dame Leprechaun tattooed on his forearm. That won us a free sample of chick-n strips. I had the original chick-fil-a sandwich with cheese and mayo - It was fabulous!!! I don't believe there are any Chick-Fil-As on the South Shore, but certainly the ride north is worth it. There are also Chick-Fil-As at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, NH and at the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA. That chicken sandwich was enough to make me cluck with eggcitement (ok, I killed it right there).

Dylan had hockey practice again tonight. I took the girls (even though this is the most boring thing in the world for them) so that I could take pictures to post here. These are some of the shots I got:

I shot this photo through the glass with my Canon 75-300mm @f/4.5 1/30sec. with no flash. I set my ISO to 400 - meaning that this picture is not going to be the most buttery smooth picture when it gets printed - it would come out grainy (relative to ISO 100 which is buttery smooth). The graininess is called noise. You can reduce noise with editing software (that I don't have). PSE6.0 will let you reduce noise too. I didn't adjust the noise because I'm not printing a big picture and it's not that noticeable on the web.

Adam has been helping out as a "coach". Today, there were four guys on the ice with the Mite-C team. This photo was shot with the same settings except my shutter speed was 1/25sec.
This is a picture I took of Angel rinkside - yes with a flash - I don't care about the flash at this moment because that is the best smile I've gotten in a picture of Angel that I can remember. She still has this giant dimple in her left cheek - hooray for that dimple!!! I didn't edit this picture at all. She looks a little washed out but who cares when that dimple is all shiny and happy!!!
This is a cropped Mocha picture of Melody who was posing with Angel when Angel moved out of the picture and made her half blurry. She's been a load of trouble lately - sometimes, being 3 years old is challenging. Her favorite thing to say to you after you tell her to do something is, "I don't wanna"....sigh....that's all I have to say about that.

This is a short post because "Prison Break" has it's 2 hour season premiere tonight. Most people who know me know that the lead character in the show, Michael Scofield is my boyfriend. Even my husband, Adam knows it. Michael Scofield is played by actor, Wentworth Miller. You can see pictures of him here.

We can talk about him more later - time to get the kids ready for bed - school starts for all of us on Wednesday - we're dialing back bedtime to 8pm starting tonight....yippy for bedtime!!!


Bernadette Deleon-Rees said...

I like but the time posted is not necessarily the time you post it - it's the time you began the entry of the post. I'm saying this in case some of you checked the time at the end of that post and thought that I was getting the kids ready for bed at 3:32pm. It was just before 8pm when they went worries, I made it to Prison Break with 30 seconds to spare.

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Chik-Fil-A! I love that place, especially the cool chicken caesar wraps and the waffle fries. Great smile on Angel. Love Prison Break, Wentworth Miller is definitely a hottie!