Saturday, September 6, 2008

MY First Day @ School

So, I forgot to blog about my first day of school. I don't want to sound precocious (I think that is the right word to use), but Biological Principles is a class that I think I bypassed in high school when I took AP Biology. When I went to college the first time around, this was the class that was geared towards non-science people. I supposed since it has been 10 years since I was in college, that it is still a good idea to take this class- as a refresher.

Timewise, it's tough - most Wednesdays, I work until 430pm and have to run myself back cross 2 towns to get to school by 530pm. The lecture part is 2 hours. The lab is also 2 hours.

This week's lecture was an overview of what we are going to learn this semester. This week's lab was weighing water and calculating different scientific measurements. Nothing too difficult - I'm waiting until the DNA extraction from a strawberry towards the end of the semester...I did that experiment in high school too - though we didn't use a strawberry...if i recall correctly, we may have used a hair follicle or a drop of blood - high school was way too long ago - 14 years ago was when I started, I can't remember....

I do remember having a wonderful biology teacher, Marina Gilleaudeau (who unfortunately passed away, too young, while I was in college). She was the number one reason I love this science over all others. She was a strong woman who made her students feel like we could do just about anything. I came home to NYC from school in Boston, when I found out that she was gone. It was the first wake I ever cried at; I had been to others before hers, only I don't usually cry at these things.

Anyway, my first day at school - uneventful but I'm still glad to be doing it and still motivated to keep on picture of me - by the time, I picked up the kids from school and got them home (which, ask my friend, Susan) was no picnic - it was like a riot of 720 kids and their parents trying to get them from the school parking lot - I had enough time to drop off my friend, find out where my class was, get coffee and get to the school bookstore to buy my non-returnable, custom made for MCC textbook for $75.00. I'm gonna have to post the book for sale at the end of the semester - hopefully the bio dept. will use it for another semester.

I'll get a good picture of me soon enough...maybe I can ask one of the kids to take it tomorrow....

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* marie said...

i miss mrs. g too... i have some questions for her!