Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Everyone's First Day of School....well, almost everyone

Today is the first day of school in our city. Everyone starts today....Dylan begins the 3rd grade. Angel will start 1st grade (they'll both be at the same school - finally). Adam is a School Resource Officer at one of the junior high schools (soon to be middle schools). I start Massasoit tonight.
I take pictures on the first day of school (ok, I take pictures all the time)....those will probably make it up here in the am. I'll be sure to get someone to take my picture (as long as they know where the skinny button is on the cam).

We got off to a great start - the kids were ready, we had some time - so we took some pictures (with my Canon 50mm)

These were taken in the our front yard - all unedited...

It's not Melody's first day of school today - she has orientation and one day of school next week - she was a not happy about it this morning but when we told her it was her job to get the kids to school today, she was good with that (any chance to tell her brother and sister what to do, I guess...). We even picked out an appropriate shirt for her to wear today - It says, "I may small but I'm the boss!"

We shot about 45 pictures in the front yard. I got this one of Dylan while we were at a stop light.
And finally, when we got to school - the utter chaos began - about 60 teachers trying to gather 720 students in the schoolyard to their appropriate lines...with most of the kids and parents still trying to find out their teacher assignments. We knew who Angelica had (I checked in with the principal last week) but it took us 10 minutes to find out who Dylan has. When we got all that information squared away, we dropped him off to his line and found Angelica's line. Our friends' John and Rita's youngest son, Brady is in Angelica's class. This is them:
They weren't in the same kindergarten class last year but they were in one year of pre-school together (where Melody will be going next week).

I did take a picture of Adam this morning on his way out but he's not a morning person on top of being anti-photo (I know, you're thinking, where did I find this guy?) I won't be posting his picture here - maybe he'll let me take his picture another time....weenie.
My first day isn't until later tonight - I'll get someone to take my picture too.

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Just-Kim said...

Congratulations!! i hope your first day of school goes fabulously! Enjoy it! I'm proud of you!!