Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm a Bad Daily Blogger

It's been a while since I blogged - for a few reasons...

1. I've been sick. Had a fever on Saturday and this annoying cold...
2. I got called into work on Saturday - I was originally supposed to be off that day, but with economic issues looming, it was prudent to have both managers on duty...thankfully, everything was fine.
3. Sunday night, I hung out with my girlfriends...that was fun.
4. Last night, after work, I went out to dinner with the girls....we went to The Melting Pot in Framingham.

This was the cover of the menu:

This was my drink - the Yin Yang. I am not a drinker - but I could be one if this was all I drank:

I took the two pictures above with a flash on the macro setting of my camera. The ISO on them both is 400 - in macro, the camera will choose all your settings, you just hit the shutter button.
Shooting in ISO 400 will yield a grainy shot - which sometimes is what you want. Check out the texture on both pictures above...if I shot in ISO 100 (which wasn't a choice while shooting in macro), the picture would come out buttery smooth - great for portraits - not necessarily the best for objects, especially things like flowers and food, some animals and furniture.

I've gotta cook dinner - yes, tonight, I'm playing the role of homemaker wannabe...I also have to read for school tomorrow and scrap something...not to mention give the babies baths and stories.
No one has school tomorrow except for me. Lucky them!

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Just-Kim said...

That Ying Yang drink was delicious! Yum!

Happy Birthday, Bernadette!!