Monday, September 8, 2008

Sigh - I'm out!!!

You remember how I said that I was thinking about registering for Karen Russell's online class, "The Photographer's Workshop"? Well, I submitted the registration at 12:01pm (registration started at 12:00pm EST)...and I got locked out - totally sold out both classes - the good news is that I am #46 on the waiting list for the class that begins in November 2008 and #31 for the January class - that's great - by the time I get into a class it might be 2010...I'm hoping to have a couple of new lenses and an upgraded camera body by then...sigh....

Tonight was my friend, Susan's CTMH party. Guess who is the consultant? Yup - I do this on the side....I sometimes think "I do this on what side? My crazy side, I think so!!!" So, I'm a full time Asst. Br. Mgr., mom and wife. I'm a part-time college student. I'm a wannabe part-time semi-professional photographer. I'm a decent very part-time CTMH consultant. I'm the VP of my kids' PTA and I'm on the Board for Brockton Youth Hockey as their fundraising coordinator. I'm constantly trying to manage my time wisely...something's gotta give - so there sits this 3 foot tall pile of clean clothes in my bedroom...(there you go, for all of you who wanted to know how I do it) - it may actually have to get sorted out after work tomorrow so that I can pack for our trip to NYC.

Photos, right? - because that is why I started this blog....

Have I told you lately, how much I love my Canon 50mm? This is Melody trying to give me a dandelion that she picked off the grass in our backyard. I love how she's all fuzzy in the back and her little hand (thank goodness it's not so grubby) holding that flower is in sharp focus. I vivid colored this picture (yes, it's an action from That action makes that color just pop!
This is what happened next:
Since I was busy taking pictures, she fed the dandelion to Buster.

Nothing cuter than a boy and his dogs...this photo was vignetted just a little -

This photo's just Dylan cropped out the picture above this one. He looks so grown up in the picture - he's just gonna be 8 in December.

This week is insanely full - tomorrow is school's open house. I have class on Wednesday. We're going home to NYC on Thursday, Friday is my friend's wedding dress rehersal (Angelica is a flower girl- and I still haven't figured out what I'm wearing to that shin-dig). Saturday is my friend's wedding and we're coming home Sunday in time for Dylan's hockey practice at 2pm. So I'll try to get pictures of something half interesting and post them - although that may need to wait until we come back from NYC. I have some reading that needs to be done for school tomorrow and a scrap assignment that I had been putting off.

Off to bed for a few zzzz's before we get to wake up and do it all again!!!!

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